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Future Cosplay!

I haven't cosplayed in about 2 years. I really want to get some costumes going again my I have so perpetually broke that I can never go through with it. My boyfriend claims he wants a huge Buu suit(which seems hard and expensive to make) but I would try to make it if he was serious. My plans for this year includes Fat Buu, Bulma, Sailor Saturn, and A Boy and His Blob. I need design ideas for a Boy and his Blob!

We'll see if anything actually comes of this! Root me on, people! I'm going to be at AWA and maybe if I got one done I would cosplay. I'm not a big fan of cosplaying by myself though!

I found a great site on someone who made a Sailor Saturn costume before. I am all about finding stuff like this!

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See you at AWA~ And Dragon*Con perhaps?

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Haha I know! I always try to get ahold of you by the way and I always fail. You're impossible to catch on AIM. I have a few cosplays lined up actually, and I will be posting progress etc. I will be at AWA but not Dragoncon. I am JUST starting to get into this LJ thing so give me some tips. I need some more cosplay friends to help me out with this stuff. It rocked having you around, you are incredible!